Goal Setting Program

Online Goal Setting Program:


Our Goal-Setting Program is designed to empower you with the skills, mindset, and strategies you need to achieve your goals. By purchasing our Goal-Setting Program, you will have access to our team, who will help you create and achieve up to 16 goals for our one-year program. Buy now to get in contact with us and start achieving all of your goals.



We recommend printing this fillable template. It will help keep you motivated and consistent in achieving your goals.


As soon as you purchase our Goal Setting, we will email and contact you to begin your program.



  • Goal Evaluation and Creation Program
  • Benefit Agency Goal Setting Fillable Template
  • Two Monthly Check-ins
  • Goal Setting Accountability
  • Learn how to realistically create and achieve goals


$15.99 Monthly


Contact us for additional support at info@benefitagency.net



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