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Mind Shop

Welcome to our Mind Shop. Here you will find all your products and services related to our Mental Revolution program. Shop for our meditation programs, one on one mindset coaching, goal setting, and more. We believe your Health is your Wealth and it is absolutely necessary in this day and age to take care of your mindset and mental health. 

Meditation Programs

Choose from any of our 8-week meditation courses 

Mindfulness Meditation Program


Relax and transform your life with our Mindfulness Meditation. Designed for beginners and used by millions to calm the mind and relax the body by focusing on the breath. 

Vipassana Meditation Program

vipassana meditation

Discover the profound wisdom of the Vipassana Meditation. This mediation is focused on silence and non-judgment. An ancient Buddhist technique.

Mindset Coaching

Meet our mindset coach Dr. Amy Iaquinta, DC, CFMP

Consider working one on one with our mindset coach. Virtual or in-office appointments available

Life Changing Results :

Enhanced Confidence: Developing a growth mindset can boost self-confidence and self-esteem.

Better Goal Achievement: Assists in setting and achieving challenging goals.

Positive Attitude: Mindset coaching cultivates a more optimistic and positive outlook on life.

Better Decision Making: Clients make more informed decisions by shifting away from negative thought patterns.

Stress Reduction: A positive mindset can lead to reduced stress and anxiety levels.

Leadership Development: Mindset coaching is valuable for those looking to expand their leadership skills.

Amy Iaquinta

Contact Dr. Amy for plans and pricing

Goal Setting:

Goal Setting Program 

$15 Monthly

Change your Life

Stress Management and Relaxation

Use these techniques to help manage your stress and promote overall relaxation. 



Unlock the power of effective communication with our comprehensive guide


Inside, you’ll discover:

  • Proven communication techniques for various situations.
  • Strategies to improve active listening and understanding.
  • Tips for overcoming communication barriers.
  • Cultivate genuine interest in understanding others through active listening.
  • Implement these transformative principles discreetly, and you’ll stand apart from the crowd.


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